Whole 30: Take two.

Whole 30: Take two.

Burger, beer and food on a table in Asheville.
The norm: Eating out and beer. Typical social setting, especially in Asheville, North Carolina. Certainly not Whole30 Compliant.

A year and a half ago we decide to throw ourselves into the ultimate pit of self discovery, restraint, and our entire relationship with food; also known as the whole 30. This 30 day dietary and lifestyle change is meant to take everything you think you know about yourself and food – and stamp ‘BS’ on it, right next to the processed sugar that is found in everything that taste good. You cry. You fart. You feel good.

I repeat: I literally almost cried in the grocery store when we couldn’t find bacon that DID NOT have sugar in it. There.

So why not do that again?

Now of course everyone and their grandmother has an opinion on what the perfect diet is. What should or shouldn’t be consumed, how much, when and on what star cycle. They know it works because it worked for them – kind of. The reality is, one size does not fit all when it comes to diet – or really anything for that matter. Maybe we are really supposed to have a diet that is 2% sand. Do we really know?

The one thing we can all agree on, however, is that we eat a lot more processed food than we probably should. We all say moderation is key, but most of us will double dip that ranch dressing all night long. I see those carrots left on the snack display, too.

So, the whole 30 and how it – kind of – works for me.

Without getting into it too much, here is what you can eat: meat, veggies (no legumes), nuts, certain oils, and ice. It’s like the paleo diet’s extreme cousin that you can only be around for a little bit, before you start to get slightly crazy . Though, you always seem to remember the time you spent together more than the rest of your family.

A spinach quiche with a thin sweet potato crust, topped with an avacado and cholula.
A spinach quiche with a thin sweet potato crust, topped with an avacado and cholula.

For me, it’s a reality check. A slap in the face. If you have ever asked yourself when you decided to just ‘let go’ of your health, maybe it’s the next step you need.

I’m a yoyo-er. I fluctuate my weight and physical activity with the seasons. Maybe it’s the positioning of the stars or in my DNA. Whatever it is, it’s a part of my life for now. Prime example: I ran a marathon then completely stopped running. With that came back the weight and less physically active lifestyle.

So how does one get out of that cycle?

To be honest, I have no idea. Which is partially why I am writing this down. Like a diet, self-help as a whole probably isn’t a one size fits all either. I do know one thing. Little steps, failures, successes and crying over sugar-free bacon (or lack there of) will help reach your goals.

One gluten-free jumping jack at a time.

Whether it’s joining crossfit, eating the whole 30, or getting outside for Pokemon GO – I do not care. You. Do. You. Just get to a point where you feel good about yourself.

So here I am, doing my second whole 30 (day 16) and trying to figure out how push these healthy habits to the next step. Will this be the next challenge that changes me completely – absolutely not! Hopefully, however, I take one more healthy habit and apply to my life long-term.

For more information on whole 30, go here. I love hearing people’s whole 30 stories, so feel free to share!





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